SA Water

ATSys were subcontracted to the principal contractor for the detailed electrical and controls design, switchboard delivery, programming and commissioning works.

Our team were involved from the project concept stage where we ran stakeholder workshops and produced preliminary designs and estimated project costs to allow full financial approval to be obtained.

ATSys produced a full electrical design set for both sites including maximum demands, protection calculations, earthing designs, lightning protection designs, power distribution and control schematics. Our team worked with our panel builder to build, test and deliver multiple boards including a 1250A main switchboard with multiple buses, feeds and auto-changeover systems.  

At the Inlet Works ATSys developed an innovative control system design to overcome issues with the large number of devices, panel space and local control strategies required. The final solution involved multiple level level 1 PLCs to remove hardwired circuity, communicating on a redundant Ethernet/IP network.