At ATSys, we understand that energy supply is of ever increasing importance into the future. Extraction of hydrocarbons is requiring increasingly complex technology to meet local and international demand and environmental standards.  It must do all this safely. Our stringently developed workplace health and safety systems and processes ensure all ATSys employees have strong Safety and Environmental values.

Our team continues to build on their experience with the implementation of new technology and pioneering methods to expertly overcome these challenges.

Our goal is always to deliver projects of any size or complexity to stakeholders within the constraints of time, costs and resources without cutting any corners on safety. This is achieved though our proven capability in scheduling, planning, organising and implementing quality control in every project.

ATSys have worked with a broad range of energy companies, providing them with monitoring systems, control systems, leak detection and remote support. We love the challenge of creating new and innovative ways to improve efficiency and support, all within a risk managed environment.

Our team is results focused and determined to deliver projects both on time, as well as on budget.

Some examples of solutions that we have provided:

  • Gas Gathering and Monitoring systems
  • Wellhead Control Systems
  • Pipeline Control Systems
  • Leak Detection
  • Custody Transfer
  • Coal Seam Gas Dewatering
  • Telemetry Solutions
  • Remote Support
  • Energy Managements Solutions
  • ROC and Floboss 107 User Program Development
  • Flow Meter User Program for ROC
  • PCP Pump Off Control User Program for ROC
  • Coriolis Meter DNOC Solution and User Program for Floboss 107