As a technology focused company we are passionate about learning and delivering tomorrow’s solutions. This drives innovative solutions that we offer our clients in the mining industry, all the way through the logistics and value chain.

With huge growth in Australia's mining industry we have pioneered new ways to implement projects that have resulted in minimal business risk, minimal disruption to production and outstanding productivity improvements to our mining clients.

The mining industry has many uses for modern technology and solutions. Automation of processes such as stacker-reclaimer automation, ship-loader automation, sampling plant automation and conveyor automation have helped to reduce costs and maintain high standards of safety and efficiency.

With a changing trend in the scale and growth within mining, it is more important than ever to ensure the systems and advisory services provided to clients produce a solution which has enhanced efficiencies, a more profitable outcome and better control over the end yield.

Other aspects of technology have also been implemented through the use of dust monitoring solutions, underground experience, processing plants and stockpile modelling, creating more efficient processes, and meeting the needs of each business through tailored technology solutions.

ATSys has earned the respect of the market leaders and is proud of its reputation as engineers in the mining industry.

Some examples of solutions that we have provided within the mining industry:

  • Process Control Systems
  • Stacker-Reclaimer Automation
  • Ship-Loader Automation
  • Dust Monitoring Solutions
  • Sampling Plant Automation
  • Underground experience
  • Processing Plants
  • Conveyor Automation
  • Stockpile Modelling
  • Legacy upgrades minimising downtime & risk