ATSys is a vibrant and energetic company, a team of leading experts in all fields of engineering solutions. Our team has broad experience in an array of "turnkey" engineering solutions including:

  • Greenfields Projects
  • System Upgrades & Modernisation
  • System Expansions
  • Maintenance & Support

ATSys has been operating over a decade and during that time has accumulated a solid track record with leading private and government organisations and has an enviable track record in delivering projects which have met the requirements, budget and timeframe in each and every case.

So what does the future hold for ATSys and our project partners?

We have been working with leading advisory groups to define a dynamic strategic plan and business plan that is actively being implemented, reviewed and enhanced. The strategic plan is a 5 year plan that sets the long term vision of the company. The business plan is a detailed annual plan, year on year, to implement company vision. These plans are reviewed on a regular basis. We have a strong continuous improvement regime and culture firmly embedded in our business.

Our approach is to provide solutions that deliver value and also lower the total cost of ownership. ATSys often incorporate the latest technology - implemented according to vendor guidelines. This reduces the cost of implementation and ongoing maintenance. Our solutions are designed using technology that is scalable and supportable using open standards.

The next 5 to 10 years for ATSys is going to be exciting. We have a growing team, we are attracting the leading experts from across the industry to join a dynamic and exciting group of likeminded people. Our list of clients is growing and includes high profile projects, and the opportunities to gain traction in new markets is opening up on a daily basis for us.

So watch this space; ATSys is a thriving and vibrant organisation of control system engineering solutions with a bright future.