ATSys is committed to supporting the local communities in which we work, and strives to create and maintain lasting and mutually beneficial relationships with these communities.

ATSys Pty Ltd seeks to foster long term relationships by supporting a range of organisations in the communities in which we work and develop those relationships built on mutual understanding, trust, co-operation and respect.

To achieve this ATSys Pty Ltd will:

  • Where possible use local subcontractors and procure suppliers and equipment locally
  • Assess the impact of our work on the community as part of project planning and aim to minimise any negative impact
  • Support key environment and social issues in the community
  • Make a valued and sustainable contribution to the community by making charitable donations to schools and local organisations
  • Encourage our employees to participate and use their expertise to benefit the community by undertaking community work, raising funds for a chosen cause or getting involved in community events

ATSys Pty Ltd believes that implementing these strategies will ensure that our activities generate positive economic and social benefits for and in partnership with our community.

ATSys are regular supporters of the following organisations:

  • Port Noarlunga Football Club - sponsorship of team
  • Red Cross - regular donations
  • Cancer Council of Australia - regular donations
  • Aboriginal Literacy Foundation