Our accredited risk management system ensures all ATSys employees have strong Safety, Quality and Environmental values.This strong risk management culture is reflected in our enviable safety performance.

ATSys has a Health and Safety policy that has been approved by the Managing Director and released to all employees in the workplace. Our engineers complete a comprehensive employee induction program that introduces the policies and procedures of the company, and employee’s responsibilities in respect of controlling Work Health and Safety risks.

ATSys complies with the requirements of the Work Health and Safety Act 2012 (SA). Compliant to AS4801, we have a Safety Management System for which we are regularly audited as part of our Integrated Management System.

Our Integrated Management System (IMS) contains processes and procedures to monitor project success and deliver projects of the highest quality, engineering best practice and provide transparency and traceability throughout the project ensuring the project is delivered with minimum risk.

We have an Incident Reporting System to capture near misses, incidents and non-conformances. These issues are identified and used in order to improve our Integrated Management System and our recruitment, training and induction processes.

Our robust risk management and control process allows us to identify hazards and implement effective control measures to mitigate risks in all work activities we undertake. Through tracking both lead and lag indicators, we measure performance and proactively implement measures to circumvent foreseeable risks, as well as conduct annual management reviews of the effectiveness of our risk management safety systems.

We have a Quality Policy that is approved by the Managing Director and released to the work place in compliance with ISO 9001 certified by TQCSI.

ATSys has an active auditing program for your quality systems as well as a Non Conformance Reporting System that tracks category failures and forms the basis for continuous improvement.

We capture customer complaints as a Non Conformance and report the results, and conduct formal management reviews of the effectiveness of your quality system on an annual basis using quality related Key Performance Indicators.